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Gapuma is a leading supplier of commodity and speciality chemicals used across an array of industry sectors around the globe.

In mining, Gapuma can source and supply a variety of specialist chemicals in bulk tanks or drums to meet specific needs. As a distributor for established and highly reputable polymer manufacturers we are able to offer a wide range of quality HPDE, LDPE and LLDPE plastics; Gapuma also plays an important role in sourcing and transporting an extensive selection of solvents and associated products; and if it’s fertlisers you seek, we can supply you with   bespoke formulations in powdered, granulated or liquid form for a variety of crops, as well as offer support, knowledge and expertise with all your soil chemistry requirements.

Gapuma supplies all its materials in a variety of containerised canisters, bags, drums, IBC flexitanks, and ISO tanks, as well as in bulk.

We carry out rigorous pre-shipment checks, employing the services of internationally recognised independent inspectors. Gapuma believes your peace of mind is the best guarantee of a long-term relationship.

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