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At Gapuma we believe that a tree is only as strong as the roots that hold it up. Invisible to the eye they take many years to grow.

Our network of discerning partners is the bedrock on which we stand. It is a testament to an established business that has grown naturally. Become rooted in our success.

Trade Gapuma.

  • London - UK

    London, a truly global city, and home to to Gapuma’s head office. London is where Gapuma comes together. It is the beating heart of our operation; where every contract is born and all accounts are settled. It reflects the many identities of London past and present. Simultaneously, we are a traditional trading house and a cosmopolitan campus – merchant adventurers from a dozen nations speaking 20 languages.

    Unit 4 Kew Wharf
    8 Kew Bridge Road
    London TW8 0FJ
    United Kingdom

    T: +44 (0)20 8969 2056
  • La Romain - Trinidad

    Gapuma’s Caribbean Headquarters are situated in the south west corner of the picturesque island of Trinidad - the undisputed financial centre of the Caribbean. With an economy based on crude oil, natural gas, and petrochemicals products it offers numerous business opportunities for both local and foreign investors. Furthermore, with a range of manufacturing and production plants, Trinidad has the most diversified economy in the region.

    Trinidad is most certainly a place where doing business is a pleasure.

    PO Box 3487
    La Romain

    T: +1 (0)868 697 0836
  • Georgetown - Guyana

    As the only English-speaking country on continental South America, Guyana is by character and culture an extension of the Caribbean; home to the Secretariat of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM).
    Georgetown is a lively, bustling, cosmopolitan arena of trade and commerce, and with its large seaport, and familiar legal system (based on the English model) an ideal hub for Gapuma's Latin American operations.

    PO Box 3487
    La Romain

    T: +1 (0)868 697 0836
  • Accra - Ghana

    Accra the vibrant, friendly capital city of Ghana is a centre for manufacturing, marketing, insurance, transportation and its thriving financial sector, incorporating multiple financial institutions. The nearby deep water port of Tema offers a reliable distribution hub for Ghana and West Africa.
    The first word any visitor to Ghana learns is Akwaaba. Crudely translated it means welcome. However, Akwaaba is a concept, and the basis of a whole culture of courtesy and tolerance. It is what lies behind the country’s deep-rooted stability. Take a fresh look at Ghana and let Gapuma’s local staff share their Akwaaba with you.

    Plot No 62, Sakaman
    Odorkor Road
    P.O.Box OS 1385

    T: +233 (0)26 301 2688
  • Lagos - Nigeria

    Africa’s most populous city and the bustling commercial capital of Nigeria. Lagos is the seat of Gapuma’s largest office overseas. With its boisterous energy, Lagos can appear intimidating, but we have discovered the real Lagos – Eko as the locals call it. It is a city as full of opportunity as it is challenges. It is a city on the move and on the rise; modern and ragged at the same time. Recognising its strategic importance, Gapuma makes continuous investments in its operations, there. Come and discover the real Nigeria with Gapuma.

    28 Mojidi Street
    off Toyin Street
    Ikeja, Lagos

    T: +234 (0)1 775 6545
  • Kampala - Uganda

    Uganda has such tremendous potential. With its fertile soils, abundant water, a strategic location in the heart of East Africa, and, most importantly, hardworking people with an entrepreneurial spirit, it is of particular interest to Gapuma.

    From agriculture to oil, and infrastructure to pharmaceuticals, economic opportunities abound in Uganda and Gapuma’s entry into this vibrant market recognises these. Gapuma’s Kampala offers a full range of services for partners looking to do business in Uganda. Say jambo to East Africa, say hello to Gapuma.

    Units No. 18, Tirupati Business Park,
    Plot 1072, Block 211,Kikaya,
    Kyebando – Kampala

    T: +256 (0)75 9634199
  • Nairobi - Kenya

    Nairobi is the most developed economic, commercial, and logistical hub in East Africa, with a large number of well-educated professionals, and a strong entrepreneurial tradition. Its human resources, natural assets, strategic location, and extensive transport network give Kenya a competitive edge.

    Kenya is looking to overcome a recent economic downturn fuelled by political uncertainty. With the political situation now seemingly resolved, business sentiment is much improved, and double digit GDP growth is predicted this year.

    Units No. 18, Tirupati Business Park,
    Plot 1072, Block 211,Kikaya,
    Kyebando - Kampala
    T: +256 (0)75 9634199
  • Bucharest - Romania

    Bucharest, the political, cultural, industrial, and financial centre of Romania is also its largest city.

    Though disfigured by war, natural disasters, and above all Ceaușescu's program of systematization, the city's elegant architecture and the sophistication that earned for it the nickname of "Little Paris" still peak through.

    With a population of more than 3 million Bucharest is the 6th largest conurbation in the European Union. And its strategic position in the southeast corner of the continent makes Bucharest a major transportation hub into and out of Europe.

    22A Nicolae G Caramfil Street
    1st Floor, Apartment 1V
    Sector 1, Bucharest

    T: +40 21 233 1748
  • Dubai - UAE

    The United Arab Emirates offer an almost unparalleled business-friendly environment. Not least the tax incentives and free trade opportunities offered in Dubai.

    Its strategic position at the mouth of the Persian Gulf makes it a natural place from which to field the region's business opportunities, as well as a logical distribution hub.

    Say Merhaba to Gapuma, say hello to the Middle East.

    (Opening Soon)

    T: +44 (0)20 8969 2056
  • Medan - Indonesia

    Medan is the capital of North Sumatra province, and Indonesia's Third City. With a population about 3 million people, it is an Industrial hub producing many commodities. The area is also noted for its numerous plantations producing oil palm, rubber, cocoa, coffee, and tea among others, as well as its forest products; oleo pine resin; cinnamon; and gambier. Notwithstanding which, its potential for further business growth is vast. Gapuma's representative office, led by Muktizar Muktizar looks forward to extending a warm welcome to you.

    Jl. Stm/Persatuan No. 42
    North Sumatra

    T: +62 (0)61 785 2073
  • Nanjing - China

    Nanjing, the capital city of Jiangsu Province in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River is the site of Gapuma’s China Office, and an industrial hub in China’s most dynamically developed economic belt. Well-connected to Shandong, Jiangsu and Zhejiang, it is an hour by High Speed Rail (HSR) from Shanghai. It lies at the heart of an area with a highly-developed fine chemicals’ industry. From Nanjing, our logistics team is able to arrange shipment to our customers by consolidating products from different areas. We can also provide manufacturers' pre-audit service to our customers upon request.

    New Century Plaza,
    East Zhongshan Road,
    Nanjing, 210002

    T: +86 (0)25 8472 3984
  • Abidjan - Ivory Coast

    Abidjan is the economic capital of Ivory Coast and is the most populous French-speaking city in West Africa. The city grew up quickly after the construction of a new wharf in 1931 and its designation as the capital city of the then-French colony in 1933. The completion of the Vridi Canal in 1951 enabled it to become an important sea port. In 1983, Yamoussoukro was designated as the official political capital of Ivory Coast, but almost all political institutions and foreign embassies are still in Abidjan, and it has been officially designated the "economic capital" of the country.


    11 BP 38 ABJ 11

    T: +225 220 0025
  • São Paolo – Brazil

    São Paulo is among the world's most populous cities. Brazil's financial centre, it's abundant cultural institutions and rich architectural tradition make this an iconic city. Its buildings range from the 1929 Edifício Martinelli skyscraper and the neo-Gothic Metropolitan Cathedral to modernist architect Oscar Niemeyer’s curvy Edifício Copan.
    It exerts strong international influence in commerce, finance, arts and entertainment. It is a truly cosmopolitan city and was host for the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

    Gapuma Brazil

    Rua Tonelero, 372
    São Paulo - SP

    T. +55 1197 387 001
  • Pfäffikon - Switzerland

    Gapuma Switzerland AG is based on the shores of Lake Zurich in the Canton of Schwyz. It is one of the three financial and commodities trading hubs in the region and is perfectly placed for Zurich international airport. Pfäffikon offers a very efficient business environment as well as an enjoyable quality of life.

    Gapuma Switzerland AG

    Etzelstrasse 21
    8808 Pfäffikon

    T: +41 43 535 3430
  • Novi Sad - Serbia

    Gapuma SRB is based in the city of Novi Sad, a city in northern Serbia. It is situated on the banks of the Danube River

    Novi Sad was founded in 1694 and in the 18th and 19th centuries, it became an important trading and manufacturing centre, as well as a centre of Serbian culture of that period. Today Novi Sad is an industrial and agricultural centre of Serbia and was named to be one of three 2021 European Capital of Culture cities.

    Gapuma SRB

    Hajduk Veljkova 11
    21000 Novi Sad

    T: +381 21 66 22 220


  • News

    Gapuma’s Growth Supported by British Chambers

    19th February 2014 – Gapuma has received a welcome acknowledgement of its trading success from the Director General of the British Chambers of Commerce.Writing in the Huffington Post, John Longworth says, “[The] latest Trade Confidence Index shows that the optimism among exporters remains high, with 72 percent expecting to see an increase in turnover this year.” This mood mirrors the optimism and growth experienced by Gapuma.

    He describes the crucial role played by the London Chamber of Commerce in facilitating Gapuma’s success, by offering “practical advice on the ground…[and] trading documentation.”

    The article goes on to sound a warning note saying government will need to collaborate more closely with business and  make its own contribution to promoting Britain’s export drive.

    Gapuma Commodities Supplier | News
  • History

    The story of Gapuma goes back more than 50 years to when three friends decided to pool their resources and reputations to form a company. Looking for a catchy trading name, Garo, Puzant, and Manuel took the first two letter of each their names. Thus the first GA-PU-MA was born.

    Jack Bardakjian grew up with the spirit of Gapuma all around him. After all, his father, Puzant was one of those pioneers. Eventually, the three friends retired and Gapuma went into hibernation. But when Jack came to start a business himself in the mid-1990s, he could think of nothing that encapsulated his values of family, community and continuity better than Gapuma. Having asked the original partners for their blessing, Jack re-established Gapuma, and incorporated it in 1999.

  • Recruitment

    Gapuma is committed to equal opportunities for all, but there are no set employment criteria.

    If you want to work with us, then aptitude, experience and a desire to build on something successful is all we look for.

    Our senior managers are always ready to have that conversation that could change your life and ours.

    Become rooted in success. Work Gapuma

  • Testimonials

    Gapuma has been a global trader that’s delivered unparalleled service, with family values, since 1999.  From our home in London we trade and distribute into more than 30 countries across the globe and many of our customers regard us as friends and regularly extol our services to others. 

    Click here to read some of the complimentary comments we’ve received.

  • Global Community

    Everyone at Gapuma is driven to look beyond their own cultural borders. We encourage our people to expand their horizons; to gain an understanding of the less understood; to observe the less observed, and to think the less often thought ideas. Today Gapuma is a company on the march. With offices established in 14 countries, we are always looking for new prospects.

    However we temper our merchant adventurism with a genuine commitment to the communities in which we find ourselves. We look to add value, through employment, training and sponsorship. Our local offices are almost all staffed by people from those communities, familiar with what makes their market tick. And our London HQ has a campus quality:

    More than a dozen nationalities communicating in more than 20 languages. In 2014 Gapuma looks forward to extending its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) remit through involvement with the Outward Bound Trust’s programme. This is a long-term obligation designed to offer local young people from very challenging backgrounds not just a change of scenery, but also confidence that commerce has a heart, as well as a place for them at its core.