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Gapuma joins Outward Bound Trust

Outward Bound Trust 11st January 2014 –

Gapuma has entered into a partnership with the Outward Bound Trust, and will join The Trust’s Patron’s Company.

Established by Kurt Hahn in the 1940’s, the Outward Bound Trust’s core mission is the provision of outdoor education to young people at schools around the world. The British organisation runs five centres situated in some of the most rugged, unspoilt wildernesses  in England, Scotland and Wales.

Jack Bardakjian founder and Group Managing Director of of Gapuma says “We feel honoured to make our own small contribution to the marvellous work done by The Outward Bound Trust. It is without doubt the foremost provider of its type.”

Gapuma will collaborate with OB to identify a school from its local community to receive its sponsorship.