Gapuma Commodities Supplier | April 2017
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April 2017

Out with the old … in with the new

The 31st March 2017 marked the end of the Gapuma’s financial year.  The 18th since the company was formed in April 1999.

We have, therefore, now had our 18th Birthday and are feeling quite ‘grown up’ although the date passed quietly with no outrageous celebrations unlike many teenagers.  Current discussions have us saving ourselves for our 20th in 2019!


The year in review…

Early indications are that the value of our sales from the United Kingdom have grown by more than 35% during the 12 months to March 2017.  No small achievement given the challenges at the early part of the year with the still depressed oil and gas markets as well as USD challenges experienced by some countries.

The volume of goods shipped have increased by an even greater percentage given the price pressures during the year.

In the year we have shipped over 500 different products to more than 50 countries around the world which were sourced from over 30 countries.

Overall we have transacted with 69 different countries through in excess of 1,850 separate consignments.  Or to put another way … over 7 contracts per working day were completed by our logistics team.



Planes, trains and automobiles …

Whilst we haven’t used cars for delivery of goods we have used sea, rail, road and  air freight for our products as well as courier services for delivering original documentation around the world.

Gapuma personnel from the UK regularly visit countries throughout the year – many more than once – and some that are in addition to the 69 noted above – highlighting that wherever you are in the world we are probably near you at one time or another.


The world …

 These 69 different countries represent over 35% of the members of the United Nations but only over 33% of the countries that were represented at the Olympics Games held in Rio de Janeiro in 2016.  The difference is down to countries that are not members of the United Nations and certain dependencies that have their own Olympic committees and compete in their own right.

Based on United Nations numbers from July 2016 this means we have dealings with countries that embrace more than 75% of the world’s population.


Focus on Logistics

Like many important smooth running functions within a company we rarely notice logistical matters unless there is a gap…

Our logistics team deal with purchase orders, proforma invoicing, product availability and specifications, shipping documentation as well as handling all original documentation and final invoices.  In addition, ensuring commercial payment terms for suppliers and customers are as agreed are part of their remit.

Given the volume of transactions that are handled year round we are consistently looking for ways in which we can improve what we do but there will always be some things are beyond our control.

… Ships do sometimes get delayed … documents do sometimes not get sent to us … products are sometimes delayed at customs … suppliers do sometimes run out of produce …

What we aim to do is to keep clients informed of progress and as part of that process we look for ways to keep delays to a minimum.

Somethings though take time – produce takes time to be moved from a factory to a port, ships take time to sail from port to port and, no matter what mode of transport is used, original documents do take time to travel from the UK to the client.

We all operate in a commercial world and for things to run smoothly the commercial transaction has to complete alongside the physical.


New year … new things

We are focussed on being your trusted trading partner and want to help ensure you get all the products you need when you need them.  If there are items that you want that we could help with talk to us or email an enquiry to