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Bamboo Boom Boom – Trinidad & Tobago

Trinidad 3This is a Tamboo-Bamboo, once the most popular carnival instrument throughout the Caribbean, it is the first link in the evolutionary chain leading to the development of steelpans.

Tamboo bamboo is a tunable stick made from a bamboo cane cut to various lengths. They are hit onto the ground and with other sticks in order to produce sound. Tamboo-Bamboo bands also included percussion of a (gin) bottle and spoon. By the mid-1930s, bits of metal percussion were being used in the tamboo bamboo bands, the first probably being either the automobile hub caps or the biscuit drum “boom”.

The discovery of oil in the 1940’s and the subsequent availability of 55-gallon oil drums led to the development and popularity of steelpans, which by and large have displaced tamboo bamboos. Today, the tamboo bamboo is rarely seen at carnival, and then only in Trinidad & Tobago.