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Two Go Wild in Cumbria

By Shahab Mossavat – 4th April 2014

On Sunday Craig and I are heading to the Lake District.

We are going there as volunteer instructors supporting the outdoor adventure course sponsored by Gapuma.

We’ll be heading up on the train from Euston just after Noon, and we’ll get to Penrith just in time to catch the second half of Liverpool’s game against West Ham; Craig is a big Liverpool fan, and he has let himself start believing that his team can actually win the title this year.

After dinner we’ll be going to our B&B for the night, and then on to the Outward Bound’s Howtown Outdoor Education Centre first thing in the morning.

The students from Phoenix High, which is the school we’re sponsoring, will arrive at about One O’clock, and then it’s on to the activities.

Speaking for myself, I know it’s going to be physically tough for me; I’m hardly in the best shape. But, I can’t wait.

As for the kids, I hope they are going to be blown away by the whole experience of being in the great outdoors. For many of them it’ll be the first time they will have experienced a rural environment, and I imagine it will represent a massive change.

Craig and I will try and blog on alternate days, to keep you up-to-date on with what we are getting up to.

I hope that our adventures will inspire you to volunteer next time.

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