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Gapuma Pharmaceuticals is a specialist in the global sourcing, supply and distribution of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API’s); veterinary pharmaceuticals; excipients; amino acids; neutraceuticals (food supplements and soft gels); plant extracts; peptides; and intermediates.

We offer sourcing, sales, and distribution through our wide-ranging international presence and local contacts; a vast inventory of products sourced through agency and representation agreements with principals; many APIs from US-FDA-inspected facilities, supported by US-DMF’s; API’s from EU-GMP inspected facilities, supported by Certificates of Suitability and EU-DMF’s; and upon request other specific quality requirements (different PSD and monographs).

Our office in China has a 20-years’ record of excellence. It is staffed by people who have been working with the relevant factories over the same period. Among their standing orders are regular plant visits; ensuring the contracted products are supplied at the correct specification and in a timely fashion.  We also have extremely close working relationships with manufactories in India, and in some cases act as their agent.

Gapuma takes pride in the additional value-added benefits it offers, assuring you in our role as your local, global trader.

Remedy your Roots. Use Gapuma.