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Gapuma’s Ethanol Division plays an important role in servicing the beverage, industrial and cosmetic sectors in our markets.

We offer Extra Neutral Alcohol (ENA), denatured ethanol, crude ethanol and bulk wine, packed into new 250 litre plastic drums in 20” containers, ISO Tanks (20-25,000 litres) and bulk in chemical tankers.

Product quality and producer practices are personally pre-qualified by our team as well as independently-appointed inspectors to ensure that we can maintain and improve on our high standards of supply. Depending on the season and regional variations, we source from a host of suppliers, based in India, Pakistan, Brazil, South Africa, Swaziland and Europe.

By taking great care in our purchasing, Gapuma’s dedicated team provides a knowledgeable and comprehensive service. Our sourcing takes into account your particular requirements, enabling us to offer you the most competitively priced and appropriate products in the most suitable packing, combined with timely and effective execution.

To mitigate high volatility and intense competition, Gapuma continues to offer additional value-added benefits.

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