Gapuma Commodities Supplier | September 2017
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September 2017

Storms around the World.

The destruction from hurricanes Harvey and Irma have reminded us that no matter what we as a race do to our planet the destructive forces of nature are far greater.

The sheer volumes of water – from the sky and the seas is just not comprehensible when it has not been experienced.

Our thoughts are with all those who are putting their lives and families back together.


 The Gapuma family

Our family continues to grow: we have formed businesses in Switzerland and Serbia and are looking to undertake more business in Romania.  As the oil sector shows some signs of recovery, or at least stability, after the 2015 price crash our customers are seeing increased business and that feeds through to increased demands on our sourcing and logistics to provide the chemicals they need.

Our fledgling bulk businesses are showing signs of growth – in many ways 5,000 metric tonnes is easier than 20 containers – with relationship and trust at the heart of the negotiations.  We continue to work on bulk consignments of methanol, fuels, sugar beet and wheat.

Building on the contacts we have forged over the years Gapuma has also expanded its activities into the supply of vessel loads of fuels into West Africa.


Size isn’t everything…

Not everyone needs that much of a product!

Whilst our business handles full container loads of products the size of what is in the container can be dramatically different: 25kg bags to drums, IBC or flexitanks, dry products and liquids Gapuma arranges the supply of the products how you need them.

If you need less than a full container we may be able to arrange delivery locally – our warehouses in Ghana, Nigeria, Ivory Coast and Uganda maintain a supply of certain chemicals if immediate low volume supply is needed.


 Client experience

We know that your positive experiences of working with Gapuma is the best advertising that we could wish for when attracting new business.  We would ask that if you have a positive experience that you would like to share with us then please email and let us know.

Equally, we are sure that there are ways we can continue to improve what we do.  If you think that we can do better then please let us know with specific examples to

We welcome the feedback.


The Seasons change


The end of this month sees the start of autumn in the Northern hemisphere and the start of Spring in the South continuing the broadly three-month cycle of nature.  In most of the World days and nights will be roughly the same length of time although as the sun sinks below the horizon at the North Pole so it will rise at the South.

Most of the planets in Solar Systems also have seasons some shorter than ours (Venus approximately 2 months) whilst others somewhat longer (Saturn 7+ years, Uranus 21 years and Neptune 41 years).