Gapuma Commodities Supplier | November 2017
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November 2017

International borders

In today’s international trading world it can be both easy to transcend borders and easy to forget differences in customs and cultures.

The ability to trade internationally has been made so much easier by email, ease of international transport and courier companies focusing on speedy delivery of documents.

Sometimes though we forget that there are regulations in each country that mean documents can be delayed or the same products require different certification and licensing depending on where they are sourced and where they are to be delivered.  Whilst our team of logistics experts are here to smooth the transit of goods and paperwork there will always be more we can do.


What does international mean to Gapuma?

 In the last 12 months we have sourced goods from 31 countries and sold goods destined for over 55.  In all 74 unique territories.  We continue to research and develop new supply opportunities that will benefit our clients – as ‘international’ we are truly diverse in our trading.


Diversity and Respect

At a time when some media, in many countries, are loud and outspoken in their opinions of migration, workers’ rights, racial diversity, sexual equality and any other ‘difference’ that they perceive we at Gapuma continue to embrace a truly international and diverse environment.

At Gapuma we believe that working environment is one in which harassment, discrimination and bullying (whether in writing, verbally or by action) are known to be unacceptable and where individuals have the confidence to complain, without fear of reprisals, in the knowledge that their concerns will be dealt with appropriately and fairly.


The Outward Bound Trust

Gapuma is continuing to support The Outward Bound Trust in 2017 and 2018 and will be sponsoring a group of 24 students from an London inner city school to attend a residential course on North Wales in February next year.

2017 has seen the Outward Bound Trust support 25,000 young people through outdoor courses and experiences, where they have been encouraged to challenge themselves in an environment that is very different from their day to day situations.  This helps them to become more confident, more effective and more capable at school, college and in the workplace.

All Outward Bound courses inspire and motivate young people and take place in the natural environment, away from distractions or modern amenities. Participants learn a deep appreciation of the balance between risk, reward and responsibility and leave with transferable, essential life skills.


Gapuma and Brexit

As an international trading group Gapuma interacts with a very large number of countries around the world and as we act as a buyer and a seller in the transactions we undertake we export 100% of the products we purchase.

Just over 90% of the business from the UK is to countries outside of the EEC and the business of Gapuma UK with other EEC member countries represents in excess of $9m for the 12 months to August 2017.  Whilst we are as dependent on the outcome of the discussions between the UK Government and Brussels as every other UK business, we are committed to our trading model and the goods and services that we provide to support our European activities and their clients.  Equally, we are sure that there will be other trade deals that will benefit our export model and we will retain the agility to make the most of the opportunities.

We have subsidiaries that are established in Europe (The Netherlands and Switzerland) and there will always be ways we can trade with Europe whatever the outcome.