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March 2018

Spring in the air?

As indicated a year ago meteorological Spring starts on 1 March.

In the UK this year the beginning of March saw a prolonged period of cold weather driven by winds from Siberia.

This would not have mattered too much other than two of our colleagues were in West Wales in a ‘RED’ weather warning area and were spending most of their time outside for the whole week.  WHY?  Read on…

Annual update

As our financial year end approaches certain areas are worthy of review:



Gapuma were recently invited by the British Embassy in Khartoum to travel to the Republic of Sudan and present to a gathering of over 100 leading Sudanese businesses and governmental bodies to highlight how and where we can help the country source its key supplies to manufacture and build commercial strength in the country.

Amit Parekh, director of Gapuma’s procurement division commented “it was a real honour to be asked to represent Britain at a Government sponsored event.  As the only British company invited; the opportunity to meet people with a real desire to do business with Britain was fantastic.”

With copious business cards and new contacts there will now be the hard work of establishing what these businesses need and how Gapuma can deliver their solutions.

Amit also reported “We have already been invited back to Sudan for a further trade event in the near future.  We will have an excellent opportunity to partner with leading businesses in the country who recognise the value of working with Gapuma.  As a winner of the Queen’s award for International trade and a recognised fast growing business these events are a real benefit.”

If you want to know how Gapuma can help you source products from around the world contact us at or Amit directly on

 The Outward Bound Trust

At the end of February Stephen Harris and Diana Gavelyte spent a week in North Wales as Employee Ambassadors with The Outward Bound Trust (  Virtually everybody in the office watched the weather developments in the UK the week before and knew they were going to be having a cold week!


Monday morning saw the start of cold easterly winds and snow which continued for the week.

The week saw 23 boys from an inner London school spend time outside facing a number of activities including climbing and team challenges to help promote a greater awareness of ambition, self-development and team work. The planned expedition for an overnight stay in a basic cabin in the forest was unfortunately but sensibly cancelled with the level of snow and wind chill causing concern for both safety and the practical considerations of getting coaches to and from the centre.

Following her first experience of The Outward Bound Trust Diana commented “The Outward Bound Trust gives the ability for young people to find out that they are capable of more than they can imagine, they just need to challenge themselves.  I think the boys challenged themselves a lot during this week in North Wales.  It doesn’t matter if they failed in some of those activities – they learned that failing might be a good thing – they know what went wrong and could do it again and even better – they just need to work hard and believe in themselves.”

A selection of pictures are below:




As Kurt Hahn, co-founder of Outward Bound said “We are all better than we know. If only we can be brought to realise this, we may never be prepared to settle for anything less.