Gapuma Commodities Supplier | March 2017
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March 2017

Spring is here!

Meteorologically we are told that Spring started on the 1st of March although astronomically Spring starts on the 20th of March this year with the vernal equinox.  Either way the days are getting longer and the temperatures are slowly rising.

We are approaching the end of our financial year at the end of March so are keen to ensure that deals are completed and, as always, the accounts team are keen to ensure that cash is collected.


New offices

As highlighted in January we moved into our new offices at the end of February.  Everyone has recognised we have much more space to expand into and the office give a much improved corporate feel.

There are still a few things that are needing the finishing touches and the odd box that needs unpacking.

The view from the office of the River Thames and the surroundings are a great improvement over the view we had from the previous office – although, of course, we are far too busy working to really appreciate the difference.

People news

Since the last newsletter we are pleased to announce that Naiara Farias has joined us in the logistics team. Naiara is  a fluent Portuguese and English speaker as well as being proficient in Spanish and we welcome her to the team.

Aron Mohacsi who heads our Agricultural division is basing himself in Serbia for a few months to meet more frequently with the main players in the market.  His experience of active international trading and analysis in agribusiness commodities and knowledge gained from a varied family agricultural background allows him to provide a good overview of the process ‘from field to final consumers’.  Our focus remains on Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the Black Sea region.  Aron can be contacted on


Focus on Ethanol

The trading that Gapuma undertakes in Ethanol plays an important role in servicing the beverage, industrial and cosmetic sectors in our markets.  We offer Extra Neutral Alcohol (ENA), denatured ethanol, crude ethanol and bulk wine.  This can be packed into new 250 litre plastic drums in 20” containers, ISO Tanks (20-25,000 litres) and bulk in chemical tankers.

Product quality and producer practices are personally pre-qualified by our team as well as independently-appointed inspectors to ensure that we can maintain and improve on our high standards of supply.  Depending on the season and regional variations, we source from a host of suppliers, based in India, Pakistan, Brazil, South Africa, Swaziland and Europe.

By taking great care in our purchasing, Gapuma’s dedicated team provides a knowledgeable and comprehensive service taking into account your particular requirements, enabling us to offer you the most competitively priced and appropriate products in the most suitable packing, combined with timely and effective execution.  In addition, depending where you are based we consider our capabilities as turnkey as we have Gapuma subsidiaries in numerous countries including Ghana and Nigeria and we can offer a high degree of flexibility taking into consideration the volatility of these markets, including quality control at loading and product traceability.

Remember the other chemicals and solvents that are used for other applications such as cleaning bottles etc.  We can supply these as well


Outward Bound

At the end of February Stephen Harris spent a week in North Wales as an Employee Ambassador with the Outward Bound Trust (  Jack Bardakjian was unable to attend as the week coincided with the office move.

The week saw 20 girls from an inner London school spend time outside facing a number of activities including an expedition for an overnight stay in a basic cabin in the forest (carrying their sleeping bags, clothes and food) to gorge walking in cold water.  There were challenges faced and overcome.  There was rain, strong wind and even some sunshine.  A selection of pictures are below:


As Kurt Hahn, co-founder of Outward Bound said “We are all better than we know. If only we can be brought to realise this, we may never be prepared to settle for anything less.