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June 2017

Welcome to Midsummer …

 Our thoughts …

Recent weeks have seen some widely reported tragedies in the UK:

Three terror related:

And the terrible fire in a high rise block of flats in West London.

Our thoughts are with all the families and friends and colleagues affected by these tragedies.

The risks and difficulties we face of moving products around the world are totally insignificant compared to the challenges faced every day by our emergency workers but most especially when they have to deal with not just the immediate horror of incidents like these but the aftermath and images that will stay with them.

Summer solstice

This month has seen the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere.  It was reported that 13,000 people watched the sunrise at Stonehenge, a prehistoric monument in Wiltshire, England built between 4,000 and 5,000 years ago.

Whist we saw around 15½ hours of daylight above the Arctic circle it would have been daylight for the whole 24 hours.


Focus on Procurement

For many years Gapuma have sourced products for various Government, non-Governmental bodies and voluntary sectors around the world.

Over the years Gapuma have supplied United Nations agencies from Ethiopia to Uganda as well as US Embassies around the World.

We also supply Aid Agencies (UNAID), World Food Program and European Union Missions in developing countries where projects could range from sustainable infrastructure – such as solar power projects to provide electricity to remote villages to generators for new build hospitals. Equally the basics of humanitarian tents, cooking utensils, bedding and mosquito nets have been supplied.

Over the years our procurement team have supplied a wide range of trucks and cars from heavy commercial vehicles and ambulances to luxury specification 4x4s and armoured vehicles.

The team also source IT equipment, as well as a wide range of items for use in the engineering, Oil & Gas and Utilities sectors.

Whilst our procurement team competitively tender for the larger projects the dedicated team can probably source what you need for your factory or industrial operations.

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Gapuma … growing stronger together

We are continuing to build on our roots in international trade and continue to seek opportunities where we can make a difference by being the trusted supply partner of businesses around the world.

From family owned businesses in Sub Saharan Africa to working with corporates that are listed on stock exchanges in America, India and Africa if we can help, and build value, we will!