Gapuma Commodities Supplier | August 2017
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August 2017

Summer in the United Kingdom.

The schools have finished and children look forward to 6 weeks of not having to be inside.

The British weather has obliged with rain and strong winds every day so far … no doubt newspaper headlines will reflect that children prefer to play computer games rather than play outside.

We should be reminded there is no such thing as poor weather merely a poor choice of clothing.



At the end of July Glenford Louis in our Procurement team celebrated being 50.  We raised a glass to toast the day and Glenford decided to relax in Jack’s office for a few minutes.

Glenford is one of the company’s longest serving employees and spends most of his day talking to suppliers around the world persuading them that they can always offer a slightly better price than they have quoted.

If you think that our procurement team can help you source what you need for your capital projects or maintenance programmes send them an email on


 New team members

In the last few months our logistics team has seen several new faces as we develop our capacity further.

Zarin Barbara and Alana Wang joined us in May.  Alana initially shared her time between Gapuma and teaching Mandarin to school children and is now full time with us.

Diana Gavelyte Joined in June and Muge Saleh has just started with us at the start of August.  Later this month Vencio D’Souza will also join us.

Neha Sampat – our Operations Manager said “Gapuma operates around the world and whilst English may be the universal business language having a mix of different nationalities, languages and backgrounds means we can be constantly alert to changing practices and regulations in the diverse world in which Gapuma operates.  The logistics team is the force that drives the processes that are so often unseen by both customers and suppliers.”



At the start of August we welcomed Fabrice Brunet to the Gapuma family. [Picture from web]

Based in Switzerland, Fabrice has 25 years’ experience in the Oil & Gas and Petrochemicals industry, including 10 years as global book leader in a leading commodities trading company.  He will be joined by Senta Belgraver who will manage the detailed documentation of these large international trades.

Fabrice will be developing Gapuma’s capacity to undertake methanol trading on a global basis with a view to  positioning Gapuma as one of the partners of choice of the main players of the petrochemicals industry.

If you are require large volumes of methanol for your manufacturing send Fabrice an email on