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Early Exit – Long-term Memories

By Craig Blond – 11th April 2014 I wake with a cramp in my stomach, but refuse to take it seriously. After our morning meeting and breakfast we leave the centre with Team Muir. We arrive in full gear at the bottom of a gorge, ready to climb! We... >>>

Standing Tall

By Craig Blond – 7th April 2014 Arriving at the Howtown Centre, Shahab and I are greeted by the friendly staff of the Outward Bound trust. In my room, I am taken aback by the amazing views of the vast lakes and sweeping hills. We put our stuff down... >>>

Outward Bound Forever

By Shahab Mossavat – 11th April 2014 The morning arrives all too soon, and I need to pack. I can’t believe how much there is to do. I go down to the office, and I call the hospital in Carlisle. Craig is not going to be discharged. So, now... >>>

Back to Nature

By Shahab Mossavat – 10th April 2014 One of the best things about being here is how immersed you feel in the natural surroundings. When I am in London, it is almost as though nature has rejected me; for having cast myself in to a concrete straitjacket. This morning... >>>

Digging Deep, Reaching High

By Shahab Mossavat – 9th April 2014 This morning I remember that no matter how many pairs of dry socks you have, a wet boot is the real enemy. Having used up my final pair of dry socks, I am standing in my own personal puddle eating warm muesli... >>>

The Spirit is Willing…

By Shahab Mossavat – 8th April It is 6:30am and rivers of light are flooding my room at the Howtown OB Centre in Cumbria. My first impressions upon waking are about how golden the early morning light is, and how much my body aches. I feel I am discovering... >>>

Getting Our Feet Wet

By Shahab Mossavat – 7th April So after a comfortable train journey, and a happy early evening for Craig – Liverpool managed to see off a spirited West Ham – we arrived at Pooley Bridge just before 7pm on Sunday. The folks at Outward Bound had made a booking... >>>

Two Go Wild in Cumbria

By Shahab Mossavat – 4th April 2014 On Sunday Craig and I are heading to the Lake District. We are going there as volunteer instructors supporting the outdoor adventure course sponsored by Gapuma. We’ll be heading up on the train from Euston just after Noon, and we’ll get to... >>>